Smart Hot Compress Eye Massager

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  1. This wireless smart eye care device uses airbag kneading, constant temperature heating, smart air pressure and multi-frequency vibrationto 4D massage eye acupointsand deeply relax your eyes, giving your eyes the most gentle care.
  2. It can dredge nerves, relieve eye fatigue, promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, and improve eye conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.
  3. Our eye protection device is made of high-quality ABS material and skin-friendly velvet, which is soft, comfortable, anti-drop, non-slip, safe and durable.
  4. The lightweight body and 180° foldable design make it convenient to store and carry it when you go out, allowing you to give your eyes a comfortable massage and relaxation during travel or business trips.
  5. The ergonomically designed shape and adjustable elastic band perfectly fit all face shapes, so you won't feel discomfort after long-term use.
  6. Five massage modes andBluetooth music design allows you to listen to beautiful music while massaging your eyes, relax your body and restore energy.
  7. Our eye massager is suitable for school students, computer operators and people who use eyes for a long time.



Material: ABS+ PC+ skin-friendly velvet

Color: white, pink

Size: 32 * 8 * 3cm

Weight: 0.287KG/0.534KG

Packing size: 19.1* 14.6* 8.6 cm

Power output: DC 5v, 1A

Magnetic field strength: >200Mt

Vibration frequency: 40Hz-100Hz

Power: <5W

Voltage: 3.7v

Compress temperature: 38-42 degrees

Relative humidity: <80%

Use environment temperature: 0-45 degrees (recommended)

Battery capacity: 850 mA

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 15 minutes (use 15 minutes to automatically sleep)

Continuous use time: 60 minutes


Packing List:

1* Eye Massager

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual


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